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A native New Yorker, Christina Kremidas was born and raised in Brooklyn and has been living in downtown Manhattan for the past 14 years. Prior to becoming a Real Estate Salesperson, Christina worked as an Advertising Executive, where she led the development of large-scale global campaigns for brands including Verizon Fios and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 

Christina’s passion for New York City lifestyle and culture was the driving force behind her decision to work in Real Estate. As someone who has been through the purchase process for her own properties, she has a unique understanding of what her clients are experiencing when buying and selling their home, on both a physical and emotional level. She has direct experience managing property and tenants as a landlord in New York City and is able to help her clients identify ideal investment opportunities.

Christina had a fast start in the real estate industry: her tenacity and dedication to her craft resulted in her being awarded First Place in Sales Closings on her team and ranked in the top producing 5% of agents at the first firm she worked at in 2018, just 1 year into her real estate career. She has since moved to Douglas Elliman, the largest brokerage in the New York Metropolitan area, where she earned the Gold Award in 2022 (Top 13% of Agents Nationwide), the Rookie Of The Year and Leading Edge Awards (Top 17% of Agents Nationwide) in 2021 and the Rising Star Award in 2020.  

Christina uses unique advertising methods when listing properties that leverage her large online audience and intuitive understanding of social media to send listings viral and garner impressive media, PR and Buyer attention. A Certified Negotiation Expert, Christina takes a fierce approach to negotiating and advocating for her clients.

In addition to the personal attention she gives her clients every day, Christina is dedicated to helping every New Yorker achieve a future of financial success by making intelligent real estate investment decisions today. She shares tips and tricks for navigating the market on her show ‘Real Estate Investing in New York.’

Christina takes an intuitive approach to the business, ensuring that her clients reach their goals and that the process feels right every step of the way. She is results-oriented, and the fact that her clients naturally become her good friends is testament to the fact that their success is her biggest driver.

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
m: 518.653.2413

Born in Ukraine and raised in New York, Anna Horbata has always imagined starting her career in New York City. 

Combining her 6 years of experience in sales and hospitality with her personal passion for property ownership and investment, pursuing a career in real estate was a natural decision for Anna. From the beginning of her career, Anna has been successful in the real estate industry.

Proactive, diligent, and dependable, Anna is committed to providing exceptional service for each of her clients by always putting their needs and desires first. Unafraid of new challenges, she puts 110% into everything she does, and finding someone their perfect home or an investment property within New York is no exception. 

Anna is part of an award winning team, The Christina  Kremidas Team at Douglas Elliman. 

The Christina Kremidas Team brings their expertise and passion for real estate above and beyond at Douglas Elliman, the largest brokerage in the New York Metropolitan area. They pride themselves on their enthusiasm and dedication to their clients, bringing forth astounding service and strong lasting relationships with their clients.

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
m: 718.300.0504

As a licensed Agent in New York, Joseph Tesoriero is committed to providing the highest level of service to help his clients achieve their real estate goals. Whether he is representing Sellers, Buyers, Landlords or Tenants in the residential or commercial space, Joseph lives to make their dream a reality

Joseph adapts to his clients’ needs, working tirelessly to ensure that their goals are met. Joseph’s love for real estate, competitive mentality and ability to achieve results though communication are the key essentials that help him deliver an elevated experience to every transaction that he works on.

Joseph prides himself in his talent for identifying ideal housing options for his clients while staying within budget. Further, he excels in getting investors the best value for their property, saving them time and money by making the process smooth and stress-free.

As a member of the award-winning Christina Kremidas Team at Douglas Elliman, he constantly challenges himself to achieve exceptional results, and maintains the resilience to work through even the most challenging transactions with a positive attitude and air of confidence all the way to the closing table. 

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
m: 347.309.2543

Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Maryia studied at Minsk State Linguistic University and has always had a strong passion for learning about different cultures and traditions as well as architecture and interior design.

At the age of 20, Maryia moved to the United States and now is proud to call New York City her home. Coming from a background in Fitness and being a former Fitness Bikini competitor at such renowned tournaments as Arnold Classic and East Coast Nationals, she applies the same diligence, determination and goal-oriented mentality to her career in Real Estate. Maryia is extremely customer-service oriented and is ready to work with her clients 24/7 on the schedule convenient for them. 

Maryia believes that a home is not just a place to live, but it’s where your memories are made and new chapters in life begin, therefore she always strives to make sure her clients are 100% satisfied with the decisions they are making and is ready to make the real estate transaction as smooth and seamless as possible, navigating her clients’ each step along the process.

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
m: 917.536.4249

Being a native New Yorker and a diligent worker since the age of fourteen, Jessica has the New York work ethic.  Jessica graduated from Hunter College while managing to work throughout her entire college career in Downtown Manhattan’s fashion district.  

Jessica is no stranger to the grind of the city. Having always loved real estate, it was a no-brainer for her to combine her skillset with her passion. Not only does she strive for success within herself, Jessica prioritizes the success of her clients. Tending to the needs of her clients is paramount, and she is always focused on helping them achieve their goals of finding their ideal home or selling their property for the highest price attainable. 

Jessica makes sure to use proper communication and excellent quality of care for her clientele which makes her a dedicated agent who works by her clients in the best ways possible. 

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
M: 929.243.4170

Born and raised in the Bronx, Krystal has a lifetime of experience navigating the ambiguous and fast-paced environment of NYC. She is a go-getter with steadfastness, determination, and the ability to get things done efficiently

Before her pivot into Real Estate, Krystal spent 5 years running her own business as a Social Media and Communications Freelancer; helping global consultancy groups, NYC representatives, and startups founded by highly acclaimed people build a digital presence conducive to their growth. Her experience and success found within the Marketing industry has laid the groundwork for creating (and maintaining) client-based relationships that create victorious outcomes. 

Above all, Krystal is a doer. With exceptional curative skills, the ability to adapt quickly, and the dexterity necessary to surmount any challenge, she’s able to walk with people into the Real Estate process and bring them to the finish line.


We have been featured in some of the largest media publications including New York Magazine, Curbed, Pix 11 News, DailyMail TV, Brownstoner, The Close and more.



  • $3,500,000 – 120 Central Park South #9CDEF, Manhattan
  • $2,275,000 – 265 4th Avenue #203, Brooklyn
  • $1,180,000 – 21 South End Avenue #PH1M, Manhattan
  • $1,325,000 – 150 Myrtle Avenue #2303, Brooklyn
  • $1,295,000 – 203 7th Street #5B, Brooklyn
  • $1,235,000 – 906 Bergen Street #6B, Brooklyn
  • $695,000 – 77 Fulton Street #17B, Manhattan
  • $609,000 – 77 Fulton Street #21A, Manhattan
  • $575,000 – 310 East 49th Street #3G, Manhattan
  • $467,500 – 1901 Ocean Avenue #3C, Brooklyn
  • $399,000 – 130 Hicks Street #6E, Brooklyn


  • $2,327,500 – 75 Wall Street #36MN, Manhattan
  • $2,235,000 – 151 West 28th St #6W, Manhattan
  • $1,750,000 – 505 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn
  • $1,250,000 – 1766 East 27th Street, Brooklyn
  • $1,167,000 – 317 West 95th Street, Manhattan
  • $980,000 – 852 St Johns Pl #5, Brooklyn
  • $969,500 – 50 Greenpoint Avenue #5A, Brooklyn
  • $1,200,000 – 3 Parkway Ct, Brooklyn
  • $1,333,000 – 587 17th Street #1L, Brooklyn
  • $979,000 – 2013 East 38th Street, Brooklyn
  • $880,000 – 80 Beekman Street #3H, Manhattan
  • $849,000 – 42 Duffield St #2A, Brooklyn
  • $849,000 – 160 Imlay St #3CD, Brooklyn
  • $915,000 – 40 Ocean Parkway #4D, Brooklyn
  • $845,000 – 1 Plaza Street West #14C, Brooklyn
  • $675,000 – 345 West 58th St #10TS, Manhattan
  • $677,000 – 425 East 63rd St #E1C, Manhattan
  • $750,000 – 15 East 19th Street #4C, Brooklyn
  • $630,000 – 550 Grand Street #H6E, Manhattan
  • $599,000 – 175 Willoughby Street #2K, Brooklyn
  • $549,000 – 41 Goodwin Pl #2R, Brooklyn
  • $688,888 – 333 Pearl Street #8M, Manhattan
  • $210,000 – 2550 Independence Ave #2E, Bronx
  • $850,000 – 17 Convent Ave #3A, Manhattan
  • $300,000 – 825 West 179th Street, Brooklyn
  • $350,000 – 259 Bennett Ave, Manhattan
  • $405,000 – 531 41st Street #D6, Brooklyn
  • $575,000 – 743 Union Street #3R, Brooklyn
  • $680,000 – 322 6th Street #10, Brooklyn
  • $675,000 – 99 John Street #702, Manhattan
  • $280,000 – 1530 East 8th Street #3H, Brooklyn
  • $690,000 – 490 Van Buren #3B, Brooklyn
  • $650,000 – 2128 Ocean Avenue #4C+, Brooklyn
  • $625,000 – 45 Hillside Terrace, Staten Island
  • $499,000 – 634 East 14th Street #12, Manhattan
  • $835,000 – 91 Grand Avenue #LOFTF, Brooklyn
  • $698,000 – 250 South End Ave #12H, Manhattan 
  • $300,000 – 195 Willoughby Ave #509, Brooklyn 1
  • $285,000 – 720 East 32nd Street #B7, Brooklyn


  • $3,000 – 226 Carlton Ave #1
  • $3,806 – 20 Exchange Pl #3403
  • $5,100 – 63 East 9th Street #7R
  • $2,750 – 743 Union Street #3R
  • $5,295 – 80 North Moore Street # 8022B
  • $4,757 – 105 West 29th St #27C
  • $3,420 – 201 Pearl Street #12D
  • $3,150 – 314 East 41st Street #104B
  • $2,495  – 340 East 62nd Street #7
  • $2,950 – 17 Convent Avenue #3A
  • $2,600 – 393 Cumberland Street #2
  • $2,800 – 226 Carlton Ave #1
  • $2,500 – 99 John Street #702
  • $2,750 – 99 John Street #702
  • $2,485 – 37 Wall Street #5R
  • $2,400 – 45 Wall Street #321
  • $2,495 – 45 Wall Street #804
  • $3,200 – 325 East 83rd Street #3D 
  • $2,275 – 211 West 80th Street #3A 
  • $2,500 – 302 West 114th Street #3C
  • $3,795 – 330 East 100th Street #3A
  • $2,950 – 99 John Street #601 
  • $3,000 – 21 West Street #19F
  • $2,295 – 21 West Street #5F
  • $2,318 – 21 West St #10H
  • $2,295 – 21 West Street #7F
  • $2,295 – 21 West Street #9H
  • $2,318 – 21 West Street #10H
  • $1,995 – 90 West Street #2N
  • $1,500: 78-14 153rd Ave #D
  • $1,500 – 7808 153rd Ave #D


“Christina Kremidas is hands down the best agent in the NY Tri-State area. Her professionalism, attention to detail, customer service, and dedication is second to none. She handled the sale of my parents home that has been our family residence for 47 years. It wasn’t easy for us and our family to handle the emotional difficulties as well as logistics challenges with most of our immediate family being out of state. Christina did everything and then some to make this an absolutely smooth experience. I would recommend her and can ensure you that she is the best! You can reach me at (703) 250-6160.”

— John Rubino


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